Neighbor recalls multiple disputes at suspected Brookfield spa shooter's household

Oct. 22, 2012

Brown Deer resident Sandra Polk, neighbor to alleged Brookfield spa shooter Radcliffe F. Haughton, said she has seen a number of arguments and disputes across the street.

Polk, who lives in the 6500 block of Glenbrook Road, said Haughton, who killed three and injured four Sunday morning before taking his own life, argued with his wife, Zina, outside of their home on multiple occasions, and they sometimes ended up throwing objects around the front yard.

"We were definitely aware of some things that went on when they were outside, such as some verbal abuse," Polk said, "and some throwing, but not at each other. We never really saw anything really physical. No hitting or anything like that."

There were, Polk recalled, times when "things happened inside, after dark," necessitating police involvement. She said Haughton butted heads with Zina Haughton's 20-year-old daughter, Yasmeen Daniel, and once threw her clothes out across their front lawn.

"(Radcliffe) would get angry and kick her out," Polk said. "We think there was a little difference of opinion between him and her (Yasmeen)."

Polk said she and her husband, Ernest, both retired and in their 70s, interacted briefly with the Haughtons when their granddaughter played with the Haughtons' now 13-year-old daughter, but otherwise didn't know them.

Despite the conflicts across the street, Polk said she couldn't have seen the shooting coming.

"I just feel very, very bad," she said, "not only for the people who survived, but for everyone. I don't know why things have to get this far."


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