New Brookfield Junction construction likely

One neighbor is worried about project's impact

The second phase of the Brookfield Junction development in the Village area would be a three-story, all-residential building.

The second phase of the Brookfield Junction development in the Village area would be a three-story, all-residential building.

Dec. 5, 2012

Brookfield Junction developer Richard Conley won't need to purchase any extra land to create enough parking for the second building at the site.

He shared his plans for the second phase of the development Tuesday during a public hearing. Brookfield Junction was approved in 2004 and designed to be built in two steps. The first building - a three-story retail and residential building, home to Vino Cappicino and 16 apartment units with underground parking on Brookfield Road - is already up and running.

The second building, a three-story residential complex at 2848 N. Brookfield Road, didn't get off the ground before the original approval expired, however. So Conley, president of Metropolitan Development, is back before the city, hoping to renew plans for the second phase.

Onsite parking

The new building will feature 31 living units, underground parking and parking on the first level of the building.

Dan Ertl, director of community development, told the Common Council that Conley was able to place all of the required parking on site.

"There was some thought this summer that he would try to acquire property in the surrounding area," Ertl said. "He's decided not to do that."

This was not good news for Brookfield resident Kathie Ware. Her 92-year-old mother, Doris Jaeger, is trying to sell her home, located directly behind the proposed building at 18725 Hoffman Ave.

Ware said she was happy Conley was doing business in the area but is hoping the building doesn't keep her mother's home on the market longer than it otherwise would be.

"Mr. Conley was interested in my mother's property for parking, but it sounds like he doesn't need it anymore. I have a problem with trying to sell my mother's property with this big building next to it," Ware told the Common Council. "That's going to create difficulty, unless the city will buy it for a parking lot. Are there any options for her at this late date?"

Mayor Steve Ponto suggested Ware contact Ertl as soon as possible to further discuss her concerns.

Rumors denied

Alderwoman Renee Lowerr addressed rumors she had heard from constituents that there wasn't enough parking at the existing building for tenants.

"Through the grapevine I've heard that parking was an issue for residents," she told Conley. "Tenants are parking in other area businesses because they can't find parking. This is what people are telling me."

Conley denied the rumors.

"I don't think that is the case because we actually have a surplus of parking," Conley said. "We have a variety of vacancies and each apartment user is entitled to underground parking."

No action was taken at the meeting and the item will go back to the plan commission next week.

Next Step

WHAT: consideration of plans for second building at Brookfield Junction

WHO: Plan Commission

WHEN:6:30 p.m. Dec. 10

WHERE: City Hall, 2000 N. Calhoun Road


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