Old-fashioned approach to job-seeking still works

Company helps workers connect with employers

Aug. 22, 2012

While technological advancements have changed the way business is conducted, the owner of DC Workfinders still relies on a traditional methodology to grow his specialty job placement firm and benefit its clients.

"We get a lot of job leads just by cold-calling companies," Kevin Heil said. "It's old-fashioned but still very effective. Cold-calling allows us to get inside information on upcoming vacancies, such as who is retiring, so we can get our clients in front of employers for interviews before the company advertises for that opening."

The Brookfield job placement and counseling and vocational assistance company has been working on behalf of its primarily Wisconsin and Illinois-based clients since 2003 and specializes in assisting injured workers, who cannot return to their previous employment.

Heil's nine-member staff includes five employment research specialists which, he said, helps set DC Workfinders apart from its competition.

"Many other companies just have counselors, but we have a team approach - like a mini- employment agency," said Heil, whose clients range from blue collar to middle management. "We don't try to find our clients just any job. We take a surgical approach by first performing a thorough evaluation of a clients' personal and vocational history - including their hobbies, as that could be a pathway to a career - to determine what job categories are suitable for a particular worker. Our specialists then use this information to look for job leads; I'd put our excellent staff up against anyone."

According to Heil, his staff has been invaluable to DC Workfinders during the present economic downturn - assisting its clients in résumé writing and completing online applications, and guiding them through the interview process.

"These days it's very important to have a good system for following up after an interview," Heil said. "A few years ago, if you did well on the interview, you'd probably get the job. Now, oftentimes persistence is what separates job seekers."

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BUSINESS:DC Workfinders

ADDRESS: 3815 N. Brookfield Road, Suite 204

PHONE: (262) 783-9004

ONLINE: disconsult.com

OWNER: Kevin Heil


TYPE OF BUSINESS: customized job placement and counseling



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