Path to healthy living involves body and energy

Many specialties at Jensen Health

April 10, 2012

The staff at Jensen Health & Energy Center knows there's no single cure-all for pain, allergies, stress and the other ailments that prevent people from living the best life possible.

That's why the specialties offered at the clinic range from those treating the structure of the body to those treating the energy of the body to those addressing nutritional needs, explained owner Helen Miller, a registered nurse, acupuncturist and herbalist.

"All of our cells, our tissues are infused with a vital energy or life force that has a huge influence on our health. Our bodies are very intelligent," she said. "We often heal on our own, but systems can get out of (sync)."

What's available at Jensen? Well, there's chiropractic care, kinesiology, acupuncture, massage therapy, rolfing, craniosacral therapy, naturopathic medicine and homeopathy, and holistic wellness coaching.

Patients at the center can see one, some or all of the practitioners there, depending on what their needs are.

"The best is when we all work together," Miller said. "We all know what everyone else does and we can make recommendations."

While some of these modalities are becoming quite mainstream, others are a bit less commonplace. However, Jensen Health & Energy Center's clients often have done their homework and studied up on the specialties before making their appointment. For those who need questions answered, the staff is more than happy to answer questions and explain their work, Miller said.

The center began as Jensen Chiropractic and changed names to reflect a broader scope of services. It moved to Elm Grove in 2006. The location is convenient for clients, said Laura Finses, manager.

It was built using nontoxic materials in order to best serve clients with environmental allergies.

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BUSINESS: Jensen Health & Energy Center

ADDRESS: 500 Elm Grove Road, Suite 325, Elm Grove

PHONE: (262) 782-1616



TYPE OF BUSINESS: multidisciplinary natural health care

QUOTABLE: "Do whatever you can to be healthy." - Helen Miller



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