Physical Therapy business in Brookfield gets to root of ailments

Office to expand in new location this winter

Jan. 23, 2013

Touting it as a place for the "personalized touch," professionals at Freedom Physical Therapy Services said the business stands out by offering customized services and effective treatments that get at the root of today's basic ailments.

With a staff of 45 and locations in three communities, Freedom Physical Therapy Services has grown since its inception in 1992. Freedom Physical Therapy Services in Brookfield has grown so much it needs to relocate its office there to a bigger, standalone building at 14625 W. Capitol Drive.

The change will take effect March 1.

Staff experts include a dozen physical therapists, an occupational therapist and a licensed athletic trainer.

The operation gained its footing in Fox Point and expanded into Grafton and Brookfield 10 years ago.

"We've tried to triangle the city a bit," said Jeff Verhagen, who directly oversees operations at the Brookfield office and serves as general manager of the entire company.

Looking back at the past decade, Verhagen said he and his staff in Brookfield have treated people with a wide range of conditions. Age ranges go from as young as 4 to as old as 94.

The most prevalent conditions staff at Freedom Physical Therapy Services treat are spine and neck pain, back pain and chronic headaches.

"But we really see a full gamut of problems," said Verhagen, who lives in Brookfield with his wife and two children. "There's really not much we can't treat. When it is necessary, we make referrals to appropriate professionals."

Freedom Physical Therapy Services' offerings fall into a number of categories, including occupational therapy, specialty services, women's health and wellness, pelvic health and wellness, sports and fitness, physical therapy, movement therapy and massage therapy.

Verhagen said he readily recognizes cost factors can be intimidating for customers, and he pledges a transparent approach to revealing treatment prices to current and prospective clientele.

"We will give the cost upfront and provide quick answers to any questions about pricing," Verhagen said.

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BUSINESS: Freedom Physical Therapy Services

ADDRESS:19045 W. Capitol Drive, Suite 101, Brookfield

PHONE:(262) 790-9800

OWNERS:Peter Stathas and Michael Karegeannes


TYPE OF BUSINESS:health and wellness

PEARLS OF WISDOM:"We make physical improvements in the lives of everyone we touch."



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