Sound Healing & Massage aims to restore healthy balance

Owners certified enzyme health specialists, too

April 12, 2012

The health benefits from the regular intake of digestive enzymes had such a profound effect on Kathleen Hautala and Mary Paula Dix that the pair built their new business venture around the dietary supplement.

"Both of us took digestive enzymes for personal use and when we saw the value they had for our bodies we had to become certified enzyme health specialists so we could share that knowledge with others," said Hautala, therapeutic massage therapist and, since January, co-owner of Brookfield-based Sound Healing & Massage. "Empowering people to heal themselves has been very rewarding."

Enzyme therapy, she continues, revolves around the theory that proper digestion - oftentimes imperiled by the aging process and diets rich in processed foods - is a key to good health.

"Our bodies will do whatever they need to do to maintain homeostasis, so if they're out of balance due to poor digestion, this can lead to a host of symptoms, including inflammation, which can trigger the immune system to go into overdrive and become compromised," Hautala said. "To fill the void, the body will take enzymes from other cells to assist the digestion process. This can lead to chronic degenerative diseases and other illnesses."

Sound Healing & Massage's enzyme therapy treatment includes a thorough written evaluation, a physical examination and a 24-hour urinalysis.

At the follow-up consultation, Hautala and Dix recommend Loomis digestive enzymes created by Enzyme Formulations in Madison, designed to restore clients' unique bio-chemical balance.

The other half of the partners' business is devoted to massage therapy and sound healing techniques.

"Mary Paula's a physical and massage therapist who is trained in a variety of modalities, including deep tissue massage and lymphatic massage, which facilitates elimination of waste products and excess water from the tissues," Hautala said. "Some clients are seen for sound healing, a modality that uses the principle of vibration through singing bowls, tuning forks, voice, etc., to promote homeostasis.

"These are part of our full-service health and wellness menu that also includes an email newsletter and monthly classes on meditation and breathing techniques. We get great satisfaction giving hope to people who come to us in physical or emotional pain."

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BUSINESS:Sound Healing & Massage

ADDRESS: 14260 W. Greenfield Ave., Suite 200

PHONE:(414) 364-1557 or (262) 617-2109

OWNERS:Kathleen Hautala and Mary Paula Dix


TYPE OF BUSINESS: massage and wellness



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