Village has two options for funding Juneau pathway

Some residents donated to see construction soon

Sept. 26, 2012

The off-road pathway proposal for Juneau Boulevard in Elm Grove may be fully funded as soon as 2013.

The Finance and Licensing Committee met Tuesday to discuss funding allocations for the new pedestrian pathway on the north side of Juneau Boulevard. The committee considered several funding options, including paying for the entire cost of the pathway in the 2013 budget.

Village Administrator Dave DeAngelis said the multi-use pathway would be ideal for foot traffic and small children with bikes.

Finance Director Monica Hughes said Elm Grove has received about $12,000 in donations from residents who are in favor of the pathway and would like to see it constructed soon. The 2013 budget draft includes a funds transfer of $146,000 from stormwater toward construction of the pathway, leaving $75,000 to be funded through the tax levy. Hughes said all donations would be returned if the pathway is not built.

A second option is a five-year capital plan that would start construction in 2017, budgeting 20 percent of necessary funds toward the project each year leading up to the fifth year. That option would leave $17,400 a year to be funded through the tax levy. The donations are not included in this budget.

"Putting it out five years, we are not quite sure if people will want their money back in a year or two," Hughes said.

One concern for the 2017 option is inflation. The pathway would be made of asphalt, which requires crude oil.

"If oil prices rise between now and 2017, then the cost of the construction will be affected," said George Haas, trustee of the committee.

Neither of these options is final. Budget workshop meetings are scheduled for the first three Thursdays of October, when the Public Works Committee will finalize the budget and plan for the Juneau pathway.

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