Former Brookfield co-op hockey player Robby Fosdick advances up the ranks

Aug. 18, 2014

One of the phone calls that Robby Fosdick had been waiting for since he started playing hockey came while he was sitting in an Economics class. Ten minutes later he was able to call the Coulee Region Chill back to find out he had been drafted with the 10th overall pick in the NAHL draft.

The Chill are a tier two league for American Youth Hockey. However, that is not where Fosdick will end up playing for next season.

"I'm playing in the USHL, which is a step above the NAHL," said Fosdick. "I wasn't drafted in the USHL, but I'm playing with the Madison Capitals."

The Capitals called Fosdick in for their main tryouts after the NAHL draft and Fosdick found out he had made the 30 man roster on July 12. The USHL is a tier one junior hockey league in the United States. The NAHL is a 24-team league with teams spread throughout the United States, where as the USHL is an 18-team league with teams spread throughout the Midwest.

Started young

Fosdick first picked up the sport at four years old and has always been motivated to continue advancing throughout his career. According to his mother, Robby has always been motivated as ice times were always early in the morning or late in the night.

"This is what we were hoping for," said Pam Fosdick. "This is all the hard work paying off. Through the years he kept with it, he kept his grades up and balanced everything and this is where we were hoping he would be. He's done everything right so far to get to this level and moving up with each level he's played at."

One of the more important things that Robby did was be a part of Team Wisconsin. Team Wisconsin is a before and after team, which means that they start their season before the high school season starts and finish their season after the high school season ends."

"It really shows that kids can play high school hockey in this area and play on before and after teams," said Matt Shapiro, assistant hockey coach of the Brookfield co-op. "That's really the route to go today and Robby did it. He stuck with it from his freshman year and we're really proud and excited for what the future holds for him."

Pam and Steven Fosdick knew early on that Robby had the ability to play with the highly-skilled competition.

"We were pretty blessed with both boys with their athletic ability," said Pam. "Early on they always played club hockey and with tournament teams. So, they went all over the Midwest and Canada for some tournaments with some elite hockey players in the state."

That is right, not only did Robby play for Team Wisconsin and the Brookfield co-op, but so did his older brother Matt. In fact, Matt and Robby played together on Brookfield for two years.

Brother played a role

"I think he had a big impact on him," Shapiro said. "Matt was a really gifted player himself. He set the bar high through youth hockey and high school hockey for Robby and kind of helped pave the way for him. His brother Matt played a huge role in the player that Robby is today."

Shapiro says the NAHL and USHL are important in the advancement of young hockey players both on the ice and in the classroom.

"Those two programs are instrumental," Shapiro said. "Hockey is a unique sport where about 85 percent of kids have to play junior hockey to further develop on the ice, in the weight room and they also have to develop in the classroom to help prepare them for playing college hockey. For Robby to be playing in the USHL and to be drafted in the NAHL speaks volumes of his talent and his potential. It's something that many coaches and scouts have noticed."

Robby Fosdick and the Madison Capitols season will begin on September 27.




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